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An irrepressible Educationalist is sure to live in history, hearts and memories for generations to come as the man who shaped the destiny of Education in Andhra Pradesh, India. As an unchallenged Educationalist a leader of the masses a true spokesman of the Muslim community who showed magnificent courage and sacrifice had been an inspiration in the field of Education for others not only in Andhra Pradesh but throughout the Country. He is an immensely learned man and could feel the pulse of the masses.


Dr. Mohammed Vizarath Rasool Khan, an Eminent Educationalist from Hyderabad is popularly known as "Dr. Saab", particularly among Muslim masses in the State of Andhra Pradesh. He is a Medical Graduate from Osmania Medical College and subsequently practiced Medicine. He served as Member of legislative assembly (M.L.A) for two terms in the year 1984-1989.

He entered politics in 1984 and inherited the concern for minorities, particularly the Muslim and thereby took up the challenge of educating masses and merged them into the National mainstream. During his tenure as a legislative member, he has established Medical and Engineering College which was a far distant dream of Muslim leadership.

He translated the dream and concern to educate Muslim masses by establishing more then 60 institutions right from kinder garden to medical education and many professional, Technical, Colleges throughout the state of Andhra Pradesh.

His prime priority is to educate all and particularly Muslim masses in all fields and make them worthy citizens of the country.

"The challenge was not the end but the beginning."

His struggle took a new turn towards offering professional education to the Muslims and thereby founded schools ,junior, Degree, Bed, MSc, 14 Engineering, 5 Pharmacy and Two Medical College's Throughout the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Two Medical colleges in which one is exclusively the first Muslim minority medical college in the Country since Independence, for Women's.

"His main aim and slogan was "To Eradicate the evilness of capitalization and donation from the root and to make primary to professional education reachable to the poorest of the poor irrespective of the cast and creed."

"Our founder Dr. MD. Vizarath Rasool Khan deserves the due homage of immortals for he lives and reigns in the hearts of many through his service by education"


Gentle and kind, soft of speech but firm in action, A great orator, ceaseless worker and one of the founders of Nimra Educational Society. With an unparalleled pioneering spirit, A Brilliant lady with an incisive intellect, ready wit, and a combative spirit most masterful personality in the field of Education, "came, saw and conquered." She has a rational, robust, secular and fearless outlook on life. She distinguished herself as an Educationalist and organiser. She is one of the most notable and attractive name in the field of Education in the Country.


She inherited the concern for the education from none other than her husband Dr. MD Vizarth Rasool Khan and her father Late Abdul Khayyum Khan, an eminent engineer who served the State of Andhra Pradesh as Engineer-in-Chief and has established Jawaharlal Nehru Polytechnic.


The pioneer of modern Indian Engineering and the Great Indian Engineer, He strongly believes by introducing Western ideas of liberal Education and reaffirming his faith in Education System of the Country, he gives a sense of direction to the course of India's future development through Education.

Mohammed Ghousuddin, Engineer-in-chief (Retd) is an eminent personality from Hyderabad who served the Government of Andhra Pradesh and has received several awards and rewards from the State Government for his Innovative, Brilliant, Excellent and Committed services to the State of Andhra Pradesh.



A man with a brilliant record of great deeds and great ideas' with extraordinary courage and a will of his own, who showed 'magnificent development in the field of education and has been an inspiration to the youth and represents the spirit of equality, – giving equal opportunities to all, and a man of virtue and merit ,He provides inspiring leadership to the youth for the welfare and uplifting of the poorest of the poor and has received many awards and rewards from various organizations towards his social service.




"The challenge was not the end but the beginning."

Mohammed Saqib Rasool Khan is the son of the Chairman and Founder Father Nimra Educational Society and has inherited the concern for Educating minorities, particularly the Muslim and thereby took up the challenge of educating masses and merge them into the National mainstream from none other but his Father. He is experienced and actively engaged in Establishing Educational Institutions in the Costal Andhra Region and practically deals with day to day affairs of these institutions from various angles and with holistic approach for the smooth functioning and management. Keeps keen interest in correlating practical experience into theoretical thesis for guiding aspirants in taking off the subject of their interest and establishing , administering and managing educational institutions. He has been awarded an honorary Doctorate (Phd) by cosmopolitan university on the recommendations from a voluntary organisation for his remarkable and landmark achievements in the field of education and his social services to the poor. He is also a social worker and is popularly known and "Babu Saab" in the Costal Andhra Region for his Supporting social activities in and around the small villages of costal Andhra.


He is a man with real sense of Knowledge in the field of Education and successfully extended his sphere of activities in many directions a dynamic administrator, a dedicated institution-builder, an eminent personality, a pragmatic idealist and philosopher in action, who is actively engaged in the Development of the Institutions under Nimra Educational Society and has got a considerable amount of Knowledge in various fields.



She is a Ph.D in business administration and effectively used that experience to promote the society in the field of education and In academic and administration field, She has published more than 30 papers in various International and National Journals. In addition to the opportunities for research experiences, She encourages the students to avail themselves of a huge array of curricular and extracurricular activities.


She has led the Educational Society's focus on growth in emerging innovative curricula, a teamwork approach, and leadership-building experiences, Students gain vital communication and critical-thinking skills. She also benefit from the diverse cultural and intellectual climate of the Nimra campus.

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