Founder's Message:

Welcome to the Nimra Educational Society where Leadership and Innovation is our history. In a world of rapidly changing knowledge and markets, NIMRA remains a leader in science and technology education. The application of engineering knowledge has been at the heart of NIMRA since its founding 12 years ago, and today we continue to generate the inventions and innovations that fuel our collective future.

Since 1997 Nimra has been an innovator in engineering education, embracing and building the new concept of Experiential Learning. Today, we continue that legacy of innovation and leadership in under graduate and post graduate programs.


One of my main goals as Chairman is to "Eradicate the Evilness of Donation and Capitations from primary to higher education and to ensure merit is followed to spread education among masses, And to make Education Reachable and Affordable to the poorest of the poor".

To enhance opportunities and to translate successful science into Practice so that the greatest benefits to society are realized as quickly as possible. This means working closely with industry and government to learn from practical experience and to fuel innovation on the ground with best ideas.

Increasingly, the challenges of engineering and science exist on a global scale so any proposed solutions must embrace a similar range of inputs. Global reach has expanded tremendously in recent years, and we are now expanding its reach as well. Professional Education wants to bring the best of us to any place where our skills, talents, and insights can be useful.

As we plan and look to the future, as we educate students for, and work hard on the 21st Century challenges in science and technology.

Nimra campus is a special place. We are differentiated from other colleges by our successful experiential model of education and our focus on technology solutions to social challenges.

The College is its people – faculty, students and alumni. All of our leadership, innovation, and growth come from these sources. We seek, deliver, and will help you achieve, excellence.

I invite you to join us on the exciting frontier and opportunities of new knowledge and fresh Practical solutions that will support a sustainable future for us all.

Best Wishes,
Dr. Md. Vizarath Rasool Khan

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